friendly woman with glass of wine selling diamond simulant jewellery as a distributor for Desert Diamonds jewellery

Great Reasons to Become a Distributor

friendly woman with glass of wine selling diamond simulant jewellery as a distributor for Desert Diamonds jewelleryAn interview with the lovely Desert Diamonds UK Distributor Charlotte Cox


Location: Camberley & Woking

Country: United Kingdom

Family: Lively 11 month old son, partner with the patience of a saint, two step-children aged 9 and 12 and a cat who thinks he’s a dog!



How often do you work?

I can work a few hours a day when my son is asleep, as well as evenings, but the beauty of it is that it’s completely flexible and it works around us as a family.


How does the job fit around your family life?

I can go out for a walk with the baby, but carry out leaflet drops around my local area, and I have sold various pieces to ladies that I have met through toddler groups – which is a great way to promote the business via word of mouth! Being your own boss is just fab, as it enables you to have a healthy balance between work and family life, and you never feel like you are having to juggle the two.


Where do you carry out your work?

I do most of my work from home, but then there is the fun part that comes with running your own DD parties or viewings at peoples’ homes. I love the personal element of that, and have met some wonderful people, who started out as clients, but I now call friends.


Do you advertise?

In order to get the best out of the opportunities to acquire new clients, I advertise in a variety of ways, but predominantly via social media.


Are there any downsides to the role?

The only down side to the role is that I keep so many pieces for myself, and so my partner complains that it’s too hard to find me gifts that will compete with DD’s!


How much time do you commit?

Difficult question, as it can vary from day-to-day. Some days I can work all evening (when I have several orders to process, or if I am preparing for a party) sometimes I don’t do anything for a few days. That’s the beauty of it!


Do you need a car?

I find that having a car helps, particularly with visiting clients, but if you do have a generous partner or friend who can help transport your demo collections, it does help. I have had several parties in London, and was able to take a small suitcase on the train with me that carried all my stock.


Do you get support/training?

Absolutely, and Sally is always on hand if I have any queries. The team in the office are wonderful, and will respond to queries very quickly.


Why would you recommend this opportunity to other mums?

The products are exquisite, and sell themselves really. I am complimented all the time on my personal jewellery, and sometimes, all it takes is a conversation, and you have sold a piece. You are rewarded for the work you put in, and you will have a lot of fun along the way!


You may contact me directly to view my stunning collection at [email protected] or visit our website


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