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Great Example of Small Businesses Supporting Each Other in Bangkok

Attic Studios is proudly hosting Desert Diamonds jewellery

“Attic Studios has been established in Bangkok for over 10 years.

Small businesses such as ours, give an area a unique feel, you get to know people on a more personal level as you are able to directly communicate with the person behind the product.

It is important that all small businesses in Bangkok support each other as we are able to offer products, talents and skills that the big shopping malls cannot.

The sense of community built from supporting each other is invaluable and so important to the quality of life here.  Apart from exhibiting many artists at our studio we are now supporting other types of small business.

Thus I am pleased to announce that our first collaboration is with the absolutely fabulous Desert Diamonds owned by Sally Cowley.  DD now have a display case at our studio where our students, our artists and passers by can admire her beautiful jewellery and also have the opportunity to buy it.  It’s just one more reason to visit our friendly art studio, you never know what you will find.

So pop by for a chat, coffee or just to have a look, it would be a pleasure to meet you.”

Laurie, Studio Director

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