examples of beautiful diamond simulant loose stones available to buy

Diamond Simulant versus a Real Diamond

Shine Bright like a Diamond…

Desert Diamonds jewellery offers an excellent diverse range of fine jewellery. Set with our premium grade Diamond Simulants with a lifetime guarantee  we want to educate you on our exceptional stones and to understand that purchasing our exclusive simulant diamonds versus a real diamond is a really smart purchase.  And here’s why…


One of the great advantages of purchasing man-made simulants are all the options of customization available.  You can choose from many sizes and any cut you desire, such as royal asscher, marquise and of course the classic brilliant cut. You are also guaranteed top colour and clarity with all our stones comparable to a D flawless diamond. With mined diamonds your options are far more limited.


Not only do our diamond simulants look and behave like real diamonds using the same quality cuts and settings, they are also more environmentally and ethically made. When you purchase our ‘diamonds’, not only are you guaranteed they’re ‘conflict free’ and are kinder on the environment, but you have the added bonus of an incredibly affordable price tag.

It’s a win win win!


comparison of a cheaper diamond simulant versus a real diamond 1 carat, only 90 dollars at desertdiamondsireland.com

Here you can see the huge difference in price when you buy our premium quality diamond simulant jewellery


Here are some stunning bracelets showing just how amazing our diamond simulants look


Check out our divine and stunning selection of Bracelets exclusively by Desert Diamonds! ???? Our premium grade Diamond Simulants come with a life-time guarantee and are a fraction of the price of real diamonds! Set in Sterling Silver with White Gold Plating, no one will ever know the difference! Spoil yourself today, you deserve to have some sparkle in your life. ????✨????✨

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